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This Map Helps You Avoid NYC's Hottest Subway Stations

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Some poor souls at WNYC recently undertook a project to go around and measure the temperature on 103 different subway platforms, most of them in Manhattan south of Central Park. (While the resulting map is far from a complete survey of all the stations in the city, compiling a complete survey sounds really unpleasant, so... fair enough.) The hottest platform they visited was the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall 4-5-6 platform, which measured a sweltering 106.6 degrees. DNAinfo did a similar survey last week, though, and measured the hottest platform as the uptown 4/5/6 platform at Union Square, at 96.6 degrees. (WNYC had it at 90 degrees.) So clearly there isn't a consensus. In fact, in the comments of the WNYC post, someone wrote that "the F stop at 63rd n Lex is unbearable. You are like 6 levels below the streets - several levels below most others. Feels like you're standing on the center of the earth." Meanwhile, DNAinfo found that station to be the coolest one they measured. So who knows.

Since the methodology isn't nailed down, we might as well just ask you, the readers—which subway station do you find to be the most unpleasant in terms of heat? Discuss away in the comments section. (For the record, we're with DNAinfo on this one. Union Square is the worst.)
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