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20 Radical Postcards From the First Bauhaus Exhibition in 1923

For Bauhaus, the progressive German art school that influenced a century of design, architecture, and beyond, an early and effective way to disseminate its ideas came in the form of the humble postcard. The year was 1923, and the nascent school in Weimar, Germany, was getting ready for its first-ever exhibition. To get the word out, the school enlisted 16 Bauhaus masters and students to create 15 by 10 cm postcards that would tell the public what it was all about: jagged cityscapes, globular humanoids, and other striking visions all found a platform on the small lithograph missives. Recently, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City managed to acquire "Postkarte fur die Bauhaus Ausstellung Weimar 1923," a complete set of those works, and we've collected them here for you to marvel over.

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