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Brooklyn Condo DNA Tests Dogs to Discourage Hallway Poop

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Things sounds kind of shitty over at One Brooklyn Bridge Park, where building management has taken to DNA testing residents' dogs after their owners let them do their business amongst the building's multi-million dollar apartments one time too many. "For some time," the Times writes, "dog waste had been a persistent problem, especially during inhospitable weather, when people were allowing their pets to relieve themselves in stairwells and corridors." Really? Really?! Yes, really, and the Times' description only gets worse. A December survey of building-wide incidents counted 52 occurrences of "a mix of diarrhea, feces, urine and vomit: found on virtually every floor including the main lobby and north and south lobbies; found in all five elevators ..." Come on, people. Because of the indiscretions, the building's board decreed in December that all dogs must be DNA tested so building management can pinpoint the culprits in future occurrences.
The new policy has been met with some opposition by the owners of the building's 175 dogs, who think that it might "open the gates to a new era of unstoppable oppression and tyranny." A similar fear was echoed by residents of an Upper West Side co-op whose board wanted to DNA test residents' dogs, but not in the name of hallway doo; that was all about banning certain breeds just because (which, yes, is oppressive.) The president of One Brooklyn Bridge Park's board says that they have no intention of banning certain breeds, only in identifying repeat offenders. And the policy's actually worked. One dog owner's been caught twice—and was fined $250 each time.
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One Brooklyn Bridge Park

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