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New BAM Addition Will Link Buildings, 'Unite' A Block

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Today, the forces behind BAM South's redevelopment will announce the "last piece of the BAM campus," a $25 million building that will "connect" the Harvey Theatre at 651 Fulton Street and the new residential building rising at 230 Ashland Place with a new single-story structure that will rise on the empty lot at 653 Fulton Street, the Times reports. The building, which will take the name BAM Strong, after a main donor to the cultural institution, will hold a permanent visual arts exhibition space with a sculpture terrace that will front on Fulton Street alongside the Harvey Theater.

"The idea is to turn it into a much stronger monolith," a partner from project architect Mitchell Giurgola told the Times. The academy's chairman echoed, "We need to have that presence on the corner as the neighborhood gets built up—we want to make sure our patrons know there's a BAM Harvey down the street ... The world around BAM is changing so rapidly, and the world around Brooklyn is changing so rapidly, you've got to react to it."
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