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This Camping Trailer Is Illicitly Parked Atop a NYC Warehouse

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Keeping with the trend of pointing out the city's rooftop houses and cottages, the Brooklyn Paper has staked its claim to the click goldmine by reminding everyone about the Streamline trailer (h/t Gothamist) that's parked on top of a single-story warehouse at the corner of Van Brunt and Seabring streets in Red Hook. The paper did a little digging to uncover who it is that enjoys this life more readily found outside the city and while they may have failed to identify exactly who that is, they found out along the way that the scene's not as carefree as it appears from street level. According to BP, the Streamline has been parked on top of the building since 2012 where it, along with a makeshift studio-sized structure with two windows, has accrued the wrath of the Department of Buildings ($30,000 in fines). Neither structure is permitted.

The owner has been loosely identified by permits and neighbors as a roofer who's retired and sells random tchotchkes and oddities (including an old fireproof suit for a German pilot) out of the warehouse on the weekends. The building is owned by RX Construction Inc. Have an idea who may call this place home? The tipline's open.
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