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Buy a 'Spectacular French Chateau' in Brooklyn for $3.6M

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Our semi-regular feature, Monday Mansion, examines the most interesting mega homes on the market in the far reaches of New York. Have a listing in mind that we're missing? Tell us about it. To the outer boroughs we go!

UPDATE: The broker requested that the photos be removed, and they have been removed from the listing, so you'll have to head to just take our word on the interiors.

The south Brooklyn neighborhood of Mill Basin is home to some completely ridiculous homes—most notably, this guy—and the 6,300-square-foot mansion at 2309 East 66th Street does not disappoint. The brokerbabble calls it a "spectacular French Chateau" built with the "highest quality materials." Per the listing photos, that means lots of marble, a healthy number of gaudy chandeliers, gold bathroom fixtures, heavy drapery, and lots of wood work. There's also a swimming pool, elevator, and attached two-car garage. It's asking $3.599 million.

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