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East Village Tenants Take Their Hydrangeas Very Seriously

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Urban gardeners can be a feisty bunch. Plots of land are hard to come by in this city, and even if gardeners do stake a claim, a money-hungry developer will eventually come along and bulldoze their flower beds and tomato plants, so gardeners are used to turf battles. But what to do when the threat comes from within and your neighbor chops your hydrangea to pieces? Exact revenge the old-fashioned way: a strongly-worded note, putting a curse upon the plant-killer's head. From EV Grieve, one of the best neighbor notes we've seen in years: "To the low-life, bottom-feeder who saw fit to cut the blossoms of the hydrangea plant in the back yard: May you contract a painful disease, and you suffer mercilessly! You are sub-human."
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