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Landmarks Commission Announces Plan to Deal With Backlog

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After its plan to deal with backlog by de-calendaring 94 buildings and two proposed historic districts didn't go over so well, the Landmarks Preservation Commission has announced a new plan: there will be a public review period, starting today, for the backlog items in which background materials can be accessed via the LPC website and written statements can be submitted by the public via email. Then the Commission will hold four special hearings on October 8, October 22, November 5, and November 12. And finally, in "early 2016," the Commission will decide how to proceed with each item, by prioritizing landmark designation, removing it from the calendar by voting not to designate, or removing it from the calendar by issuing a no action letter.

There has been talk in recent months of giving the entire Landmarks system an overhaul, by introducing more transparency and efficiency. A recently introduced City Council bill would require the Commission to have a hearing considering a property proposed for landmarking within 180 days. Some of the items of the LPC's backlog has been there since the 1960s.
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