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Big Reveal: $1.25 Million For a Bright Murray Hill Co-op

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Though the reactions were mixed, the guesses for this week's Pricespotter, a two-bedroom co-op in Murray Hill combined from two one-bedrooms were, for the most part, right on the money. The winner is commenter Frankensteinburg, who nailed it exactly with a guess of $1.25 million, adding, "Looks like a lot of square footage. Too bad Murray Hill not to mention has got to be gutted." Commenter JEG was the runner up with a guess of $1.225 million, writing, "I am in the market for a two bedroom apartment, and haven't seen many that I think are as nice as this unit ... Obviously, the absence of kitchen and bathroom photos suggests that work needs to be done."

· Listing: 120 East 36th Street #6AB [AKAM, via Streeteasy]
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