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4 NYCHA Developments Could See Market Rate Apartments

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The New York City Housing Authority is moving forward with its plan to lease land to private developers, and the Observer reports that up to four of the authority's public housing sites will see construction of market rate housing. NYCHA plans to announce the sites next month, and eventually issue a Requests for Proposals for buildings that would be half market rate, half affordable. Details were not revealed, but a NYCHA spokesperson said that the 50/50 buildings would be built on vacant lots at two to four of the authority's 328 developments.

It's unclear how many apartments could be built on these sites, but they are part of Mayor de Blasio's plan to create 17,500 low-income apartments on NYCHA land over the next 10 years. RFPs were issued last week for 100 percent affordable buildings at three sites, which would create about 500 new apartments.
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