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Coney Island's Future Tallest Tower Gets New Renderings

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Despite widespread community opposition, developer Cammeby's International Group appears to be plowing ahead with the redevelopment of Trump Village into the future home of Coney Island's tallest tower. A tipster sent YIMBY renderings of the project slated for 532 Neptune Avenue with word that the 40-story tower will probably have a paired-down 524 apartments (compared with the rumored 544). YIMBY also reports that partial job permits for the site were issued in early June. The swarm of Coney Island residents who voiced their opposition to the project at a community meeting in January ("You should go to Manhattan.") and to NYDN ("[The developer] should drop dead.") won't be happy to learn that the formerly noted height of 430 feet didn't seem to include the building's mechanicals, which will bring its height up to 470 feet. Even without the added bump, the building will be the tallest building south of Downtown Brooklyn.

The building will have 162,000 square feet of retail on its first three floors, which project architect SLCE has filled in as a Gap, Ralph Lauren, Duane Reade, and Whole Foods in the project's new renderings.

The new renderings echo a preliminary image unveiled at January's community meeting, which means they too might be preliminary.

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