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Boerum Hill Bodega To Be Replaced By 13 Apartments

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Plans are in motion to bring an eight-story building to 125 Third Avenue, at the corner of St. Marks Place in Brooklyn. The site currently used to hold a bodega, laundromat, and Chinese restaurant, but demolition permits for the old one-story building were issued in June. The site has been primed for development for awhile. Developer Avery Hall Investments bought the site in 2013 for $2.55 million, and then turned around and flipped it for $5.65 million in April. The new owner is Barrett Design & Development, and they have filed plans to bring 13 apartments to the site (h/t 6sqft). They'll average 2,046 square feet, so they will likely be condos.

The top two floors will each have a full-floor penthouse, while floors 2-6 will have two units a piece. There will also be one unit on the first floor and a rooftop terrace. These renderings come from Avery Hall's website, so they are likely out of date, but we've reached out to Barrett Design for updated visuals.

· Permits Filed for New Faux-Loft Building at the Intersection of Boerum Hill and Gowanus [6sqft]
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