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Scoping Out the Bronx, Where Large, Lovely Co-ops Cost Less

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Property in New York City is expensive. In the days when sad apartments with showers in their kitchens are fetching $1,795 a month on the Lower East Side, finding a decent place to settle down without handing over a kidney might seem dang near impossible. But wait, what's this? There are large, lovely apartments in the Bronx, many with river views, that cost a fraction of what similar Manhattan apartments are asking? Yup, and we're here to walk you through a few of them. Preview: they're all asking far less than $1 million, and are situated in a neighborhood that touches on, or is very near, the Harlem River.

↑ A renovated one-bedroom apartment at 3001 Henry Hudson Parkway in Spuyten Duyvil has a whole bunch of charming touches, like herringbone floors, a renovated kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, and casement windows. The best part? The 850-square-foot pad is only asking $269,000. [StreetEasy]

↑ A classic six in Spuyten Duyvil is up for grabs for the low, low cost of $539,000. The apartment has a wood-burning fireplace, updated kitchen and main bath, and is part of a co-op with a private park for residents. [StreetEasy]

↑ Hudson River views don't come cheap in Manhattan, but this one-bedroom co-op in Spuyten Duvil has river views a-plenty and is on the market for $360,000. Unlike most Manhattan apartments of comparable cost, this co-op at 2621 Palisade Avenue also has a good-sized bedroom with a closet, a terrace, and a renovated bathroom. Most utilities, including A/C, is included in the $1,040 monthly maintenance. [StreetEasy]

↑ This alcove studio in Spuyten Duyvil could use a little—no—a lot of updating, but with the co-op's ask of just $169,000, that shouldn't be too much of a stretch. To put it this way, one would pay more renting a $2,400 apartment for six years than by buying this apartment (other costs excluded, folks.) On top of that, the building has a pool for residents. [StreetEasy]

↑ This fanciful co-op in Concourse has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a terrace, and is asking a wee $385,000. All utilities are included in its monthly maintenance of $1,293. [StreetEasy]

↑ In a list dominated by properties in Spuyten Duyvil comes another listing out of Spuyten Duyvil. After all, it meets this list's criteria: it's not painfully expensive (it's asking $350,000), it's in a neighborhood along the Harlem River, and it's renovated to boot. It gets bonus points for its river views, and charmingly tacky fake fireplace. [StreetEasy]

↑ Another apartment in Spuyten Duyvil's 2621 Palisade Avenue is on the market, although it's asking a heftier (but still cheap by Manhattan standards) $800,000. But if there's one thing its listing pictures do, it's sell the place. That view! That light! The apartment also has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, an updated kitchen, and ample closet space. [StreetEasy]

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