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The United Arab Emirates Is New York City's Newest Developer

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YIMBY reports that the United Arab Emirates has filed plans to construct a 27-story mixed-use tower at 315 East 46th Street. [Update: TRD had the scoop first.] While it hasn't been confirmed, all signs indicate that the structure will be a new consulate for the Middle Eastern country. On top of the major clue of its proximity to the United Nations, plans with the Department of Buildings say the development will be chock-full of space for official use. It'll have a lobby and an auditorium on its first two floors, a conference room on the third floor, and offices on floors four through 20. Floors 21 through 24 will be dedicated to apartments, with the building's top three floors holding mechanicals. At 392 feet tall it'll be no Burj, but New York's already got a few of those in the works (sort of.) YIMBY notes that Fisher Brothers filed the permits on behalf of the UAE and that Skidmore Owings & Merrill is the architect of record.

The UAE bought the site for $44.7 million back in 2009 from developer Alexander Gurevich, who got six stories into a 24-story glass tower before foreclosing on the project. Gurevich traded the property for $3.75 million more than he paid Extell for it in 2007. The residual tower's been razed since the UAE picked up the property, which means the development-shy site is their oyster.
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