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Yet Another 15 Central Park West Pad Listed, Asks $36.5M

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A three-bedroom penthouse in 15 Central Park West has hit the market asking $36.5 million, making it the latest in a string of high-price units in the Limestone Jesus to be listed in recent weeks. The apartment was first purchased by resort and casino developer Richard Fields, who paid $13 million immediately flipped it, seeking $35 million and settling for $27 million, according to 15 Central Park West expert Michael Gross. The buyer, still shielded behind an LLC, appeared not to occupy the apartment, but instead rented it out, and is now seeking to cash in for almost the exact amount that Fields originally sought.

As for the sudden deluge of listings in the building, Gross predicts that it is "the end of the calm before the storm," where trophy apartment owners are hoping to cash in now before the next generation of super-luxury condos floods the market.

· Listing: 15 Central Park West #PH38A [Brown Harris Stevens, via Streeteasy]
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023