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Without 'Masts,' 3 World Trade Center Will Stand 1,079 Feet

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A few weeks ago, hawkeyed tipsters noticed that the Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners 3 World Trade Center lost its rooftop masts. In the Curbediverse, where all things height-related are akin to major plot twists in summer blockbusters, it's important to note that the little design decision of nixing the masts has brought 3 World Trade Center's height down to 1,079 feet from 1,168 (the ceiling height remains the same) (h/t YIMBY). Along with the news of 3 World Trade's slightly smaller stature comes new renderings by way of New York YIMBY of the building's base (↑).

As of last week, construction on the recently financed 3 World Trade Center hit the half-way point on the building's core, meaning it currently stands around 41 stories.

3 World Trade Center

175 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007