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Advocacy Group Takes Aim at 7 of NYC's Worst Landlords

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Relatively new tenant advocacy group Stabilizing NYC (created last year) has put together a watch list of bad landlords in New York City and, unsurprisingly, there are some familiar names, such as Alma Realty, Steve Croman, and Icon Realty, as well as lesser known but probably just as evil companies like Benedict Realty Group, Ved Parkash, SMRC Management, and Coltown Properties. When contacted by Politico NY, a lawyer for Alma Realty blamed the company's inclusion on the list on the prior owners of all of its buildings. None of the other companies would comment.

Since its inception, the group has already held 255 tenant association meetings, represented more than 100 tenants in litigation against their landlords, filed 125 administrative complaints on behalf of tenants, and created a database of more than 1,500 properties where tenants are being abused by landlords. They say that the next step is coming up with permanent solutions for tenant harassment, including possibly pushing for new legislation.
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