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Cornerspotted: Northwest Corner of Seventh Ave. & 49th St.

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Time and time again, the notability of classic city theaters undermines the game of cornerspotter. A few guessers this go-around had no problem identifying this week's cornerspotter as the northwest corner of Seventh Avenue and 49th Street, despite the image's blurred identifying markers. But still, astute commenter DTNYC writes, "The giveaway was the Rivoli Theatre ribbon on the right." Duly noted.

Back in the 1930s when this week's cornerspotter photograph was taken, the Rivoli—just outside of the frame—was rising in the ranks to becoming one of the most well-known picture houses in the city. Here's an idea of how praised it was: Cinema Treasures says classics like West Side Story (1961) and The Sound of Music (1965) premiered as 70mm films in the theater. In 1987, the Rivoli was razed in favor of the same nondescript big glass tower that rises over Times Square today.
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