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The MTA Isn't Getting New Subway Trains Any Time Soon

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The MTA, which was hoping to replace its aging C and J/Z trains by 2018, has now announced that the new trains will not be ready until 2022, thanks to manufacturer Bombardier, which was picked because it was cheaper than the alternative bidder. So, that's not incredibly surprising. The old trains were introduced in 1964 and are costing the MTA millions annually in repairs. "Riders in 2020 will be taking the same cars that Don Draper would have been on in 1964," said the campaign manager of grassroots group the Riders Alliance, "and they don't look as good as he does." Wait, what? We're all upset about the old trains, but why did this lady just call us ugly? What does that have to do with anything? Is it easier to ride trains if you're handsome? Also, Don Draper is a fictional character and he took cabs.

An audit from the state comptroller's office, however, just revealed that in 2014, the old trains were the city's least delayed, except for the shuttles. The most delayed was the 4 train, followed closely by the 6. The L, like the C and J/Z was exceptionally punctual.
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