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Geologists Will Love Tribeca's Newest Condo Building

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The design of DDG's new building at 12 Warren Street is meant to evoke the uneven stacking of bluestone, and they are really taking this rock-spiration all the way. The teaser site is now live (h/t New York YIMBY), and the only images on the site are of a bluestone quarry. A new exterior rendering (↑) shows an intricate mosaic-like placement of stones that will probably make this one of the most interesting and good-looking new buildings in the neighborhood, but it's the interior rendering that shows DDG is really serious about the bluestone; the open, loft-like interior has no furniture or decor, but there's a little girl playing with a bunch of rocks (↓) as if they were Legos. The marketing team says that the Future Perfect will be designing the model residence, and we really hope they keep running with this rockin' (sorry) theme. One thing is for sure: these 13 condos will be just perfect for all the millionaire geologists out there.

Web Urbanist has a great round-up of "Flinstones Furniture" made from stone and lava, and this should most definitely be what the 12 Warren model is decked out with. Here are our favorite pieces:

↑ Livingstone's pillows that look like pebbles. They even have giant ones that could function as a couch.

↑ The ONYX sofa from Peugeot Design Lab. It's made of volcanic lava stone and carbon fiber and is probably the world's most uncomfortable sofa.

↑ Lex Pott's jagged tables made from Belgian bluestone (definitely a must!).

Crate and Barrel's "boulder-inspired stools" would be perfect on the balconies of these condos.

↑ The Quartz armchair, available from Touch of Modern for $20,000 (!!). In 2013, the price was "only" $14,000.

↑ Tom Dixon's sculptural gem lights. He also has accompanying tables, vases, and mirrors.

And here are a few more looks at the building:

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