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Communal Living is Having a Moment in, Where Else, Brooklyn

Communal living is not for everyone, but it's quite the rage right now, with new cooperative apartment buildings popping up everywhere, it seems. Pure House in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighb' (where else?) is one such space, promising to curate and bring together like-minded people. It offers a slew of "benefits"— dinner parties, music nights, "sober morning raves," yoga, massages, meditation and the like are all on offer. Nine fully-furnished and fairly fancy residential apartments, a clubhouse, large communal tables: all this and more comes at a pricey $4,000/month. Though commercializing a commune sounds a bit paradoxical, if you're new to the city with few friends, or, worse still, no rental history or guarantors, this might be perfect. Better still, it might be a good way to ease into a big city.

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