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How One Man Makes His 100-Square-Foot UWS Rental Work

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Remember that 100-square-foot Upper West Side rental that was so sad it hurt? Well, it looks like it didn't hurt someone quite enough, because the Village Voice toured the apartment with its new renter, a midwestern transplant whose sunny optimism may not be long for this world given the circumstances. Grayson Altenberg is paying $1,100 a month for the mini 4th-story walk-up at 114 West 71st Street. It's surprising that Altenberg, a chef at the nearby Lincoln Center, would settle into an apartment whose kitchen can't even rightfully be called that. "There's things that I'm living without, like a chair," Altenberg quips in the clip. It takes a special kind of person to make micro-living spaces work, and Altenberg seems to be doing a-okay.

A Brief Tour of a 100 Square-Foot New York City Apartment from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

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