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NYC's Priciest Non-Hotel Rental Is a $150,000/Mo. One57 Pad

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New York City's luxury hotels have been delving into the residential game lately by throwing suites and even floors of rooms onto the market as exorbitantly-priced rentals. Case in point: The Pierre's $500,000/month rental suite. But putting hotel rentals aside, the city now has a new most expensive rental: a $150,000/month three-bedroom apartment on the 65th floor of One57 (h/t NYP). The apartment doesn't appear to be one of the many that Extell put on the rental market after more than a handful of the apartments for the 1 percent failed to sell. Nope, this place sold for a mere $29.33 million in late December (to an anonymous LLC, of course.) Despite the apartment's exorbitant ask, the listing is accompanied with some pretty terrible renderings with digital staging.

Let's do some math. If the renter's annual income needs to be 40 times the annual rent, whoever is renting this apartment is making $6 million annually. Buying at that rate shouldn't be a problem, so this apartment is really for the 1 percent with commitment issues.
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