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City Takes Aim at Landlords Who Harass Stabilized Tenants

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The City Council passed new legislation on Thursday that will try to put a chill on landlords harassing rent-stabilized tenants with buyout offers. The Daily News says that the three new bills will aim to put the kibosh on landlords who want to raise rents in stabilized apartments and act on it by preying on their tenants with buyout offers. The first of the three bills will ban landlords from doing things like threatening and cursing-out tenants, calling them in the middle of the night, following them, or presenting false information to persuade a buyout. The second bill bans multiple buyout offers in a 180-day period if the tenant puts in writing that they're staying put. The final bill will require that landlords inform tenants of their rights, including the right to reject the offer and their right to a lawyer.

Of the 42 people who voted on the legislation, only one person thought it'd be a good idea to vote against it.
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