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City to Follow Through on Amsterdam Ave Bike Lane

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[Via Jason Kuffer/Curbed Photo Pool]

The city will push forward a controversial proposal for a bike lane down Amsterdam Avenue on the Upper West Side, and unsurprisingly, Upper West Siders (or, at least the ones The Post talked to) are pissed off about it.

"They make the road more hazardous," said one older resident. "They shouldn't have it. Especially for the elderly, it's hazardous."

The Amsterdam Avenue bike lane will run parallel to the one on Columbus Avenue, about which The Post also published angry articles (hey, does The Post not like cyclists or something?!). However, Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg acknowledges that it may be more difficult for the busier stretch of Amsterdam Avenue to accommodate a lane.

"The way the traffic moves and the configuration of the roadway do make it a more challenging road to redesign but we are going to come up with some plans and lay them out," she said.

The Department of Transportation will bring the proposal before Community Board 7 in the fall.
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