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Landmarks Commission Sues Owner of Astor Row Townhouse

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The Landmarks Preservation Commission has filed a lawsuit against the owner of a red-brick house on Harlem's Astor Row, asking a judge to fine her $5,000 a day until she makes repairs to the dilapidated 133-year-old landmarked house. This is only the thirteenth lawsuit of this nature that the Commission has filed in the last 12 years, according to DNAinfo. The owner, a city school nurse who lives in Queens, claims that she bought the house in 1987 for $29,999.99, and that she will make repairs as soon as she sells her South Ozone Park home, but the Commission says that she has stalled too long. The interior floors and walls of the Harlem house have collapsed, as well as part of the roof, and one neighbor says that a gutter is missing causing rain to leak into his building.

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