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All Renderings For Extell's Huge 57th Street Tower Are 'Wrong'

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To say that Extell's been mum on details for the supremely tall tower rising at 217 West 57th Street would be an understatement, but word from the Post this morning says that what little people thought they knew about the project is a lie. According to a rep for Extell, all of the renderings released to date of the 1,500-foot plus Central Park Tower (nee Nordstrom Tower) are "wrong," and no final image for the building is available. This comes just a day after two designs submitted, but not chosen, for the tower's RFP crawled out of the cracks of the Internet and came to light. The Post doesn't mention if Smith + Gill are still the project architects.

Whether or not the tower still has a projected sell-out of $4.4 billion is also up in the air along with its final height and just about everything else. Thanks, Extell.
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217 W 57th St

217 West 57th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019