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New York City Fights With FEMA Over Updated Flood Zones

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The city and FEMA are set to enter talks in the coming weeks about FEMA's expanded flood map, which the city claims has been expanded too much. The crux of the issue is not so much the methodology that FEMA used to determine the "100-year floodplain," but which areas can possibly be excluded in order to spare them skyrocketing insurance premiums. Homeowners in the new flood zones would effectively be forced to buy flood insurance while simultaneously seeing the value of their homes decrease, which "can have a devastating impact on neighborhoods," according to Daniel Zarrilli, director of the Mayor's Office of Recovery and Resiliency.

All that considered, this might not be the most comforting time to revisit the map that Climate Central created predicting how much of New York City would be underwater in 200 years, but here it is anyway:

At least we might get some fun new neighborhood names out of it:

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