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Renovation Turns Sad Townhouse Into Charming Family Home

We're big fans of thoughtfully revamped spaces, evidenced most recently by our eight-part renovation diary series, which tracked every stage of a Brooklyn brownstone's rehabilitation. Here's another Brooklyn renovation we love: Ensemble Architecture/ Elizabeth Roberts Design whipped an ailing, water-damaged townhouse in Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighb' into shape, carving out light-filled living spaces over several stories. The interiors are nice without being too on trend: where possible, Ensemble kept some of the house's original details—like ceiling and baseboard molding—while adding new wood floors, rather nice blue floor tile in the restored master bathroom, and contemporary finishes like metal-frame windows that open outward, shutter-like, to overlook the restored backyard. The brand-new addition on the house, which at ground level contains a lovely garden-adjacent dining room, is capped with a private terrace for the master suite. It's all quite impressive.

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