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Residents Call for Affordable Housing at Rheingold Brewery

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At a recent town hall meeting in Bushwick, neighbors expressed their support for affordable housing at Rabsky Group's massive new development at the old Rheingold Brewery, Brownstoner reports.

Back when Read Property Group sold part of the project to Simon Dushinsky of Rabsky, the developer had a wishy-washy attitude towards affordable housing at the 10-building, 977-apartment development. Since then, Rabsky has said that they are committed to building affordable units, but neighbors and local activists, including the Rheingold Construction Committee, remain unconvinced.

In 2013, Read negotiated that 30 percent of all units would be affordable; however, the agreement made with the city was non-binding, and Dushinsky and Rabsky have no legal obligation to follow through with the units.

City Council member Antonio Reynoso spoke at the protest, calling on Rabsky to live up to its predecessor's promises and make a significant commitment to affordable units at the development.

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