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Verizon Tower Conversion Features Wine-Tasting Room

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Ben "The Sledgehammer" Shaoul found some time in between evicting rent-stabilized senior citizens and getting sued by his parents to dive headfirst into the world of Very Classy condo developments with his conversion of the Ralph Walker Verizon Tower at 100 Barclay Street. And along with the football field-sized $100 million penthouse, the building will include some Very Classy amenities, including, according to a fawning piece in the Wall Street Journal , a billiards room, a lounge, a children's playroom with a scaled down model of the building's crown (because if anyone is going to really appreciate the building's iconic art deco design, it's the children), and, of course, a wine-tasting room. The Most Classy. Before you know it, that sledgehammer is going to be coated in platinum.

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