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220 Central Park South May Have Nabbed Another Billionaire

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Although it's not much more than a hole in the ground, billionaires keep flocking to Robert A.M. Stern's newest limestone creation at 220 Central Park South. Joining the ranks of the rumored Qatari investor who wants to drop $250 million on a monstrous combo spread, may be billionaire hedge funder Ken Griffin. The Post has learned that Griffin, who's in the midsts of a messy divorce, most likely purchased an apartment in the building as a consolation prize and a token of his nearly-single life. "He wanted a $65 million home at 15 Central Park West three years ago, but his wife didn't like it. Now he can make his own choices," someone close to Griffin told the Post. Griffin's new pad probably cost him anywhere between $30 million and $160 million-plus, which is really just chump change for the hedge funder who reportedly nets $2.2 million a day—and that's after taxes.

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A Curbed tipster points out that commitments to apartments at 220 Central Park South—nicknamed, according to the Post, the Billionaires Bunker—have reached $1.6 billion, up half a billion from developer Vornado's estimate in early May.
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220 Central Park South

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