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Rent an Angular West Village Penthouse for $22,000/Month

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The Rogers Marvel-designed condo building One Seventh Avenue South is shaped like a triangle, and its sharp and pointy angles are on full display in the three-level penthouse. The 3,000-square-foot apartment, which just hit the rental market for $22,000 per month, and it's hard to say just how odd the layout is, but it does have a huge wrap around terrace. The owners embraced the 45-degree angles, fitting a custom couch into the corner of the main living space (the place doesn't come furnished though, so BYO 45-degree-angle seating). There are three bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms, as well as a study, and a blackened steel and wood staircase with a Tetris-like bookshelf tucked underneath.

UPDATE: A tipster sent along the floorplan with the first two levels, noting that "floor 3 is essentially the rooftop deck above the main living space."

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