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Condos Planned for Lutheran Church in Clinton Hill

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St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Clinton Hill closed its doors earlier this summer, and it looks like it's already been snatched it up. According to The Observer, the Brooklyn-based developer Brookland Capital paid $8.8 million for the century-old church, and is now planning to convert it to condos.

The Gothic church was built 120 years ago, but it was forced to close in June, citing a congregation that has dwindled to just 30 members in recent years and the high cost of repairs. At the time, The Daily News reported that Lutheran headquarters had already spent $1.2 million on "roof repairs, boiler replacements and brick work," and additional work would have likely cost over $10 million.

The building overlooks Pratt's main campus and has long housed a secular preschool, St. Luke's Academy. It is 29,250 square feet and offers 32,000 buildable square feet. Nevertheless, it's really a lovely church with a ton of nice, historic details, which Brookland will hopefully preserve and restore.

"If you look at the structure, the facade of the building is absolutely beautiful," says Mark David Fromm of Town Residential, who helped broker the deal.
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