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5Pointz Developer David Wolkoff Sued by Son's Tutor

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David Wolkoff—the developer much-maligned for completely whitewashing 5Pointz, before demolishing the haven for graffiti artists in Long Island City—is being sued by his son's tutor for $33,000, The Post reports.

According to court documents, the Wolkoffs refused to pay tutor Stephanie Lowenthal a $32,900 fee, after she was contracted to assist his 13-year-old son with his schoolwork. She claims that she "performed all the terms and conditions," but the Wolkoffs ignored all her invoices and ultimately stiffed her on the bill. Lowenthal refers to herself as an "academic and self-management coach."

Just recently, excavation began at the former site of 5Pointz, where the Wolkoffs are building an oppressively dreadful luxury development.
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