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Dyker Heights House With Whimsical Kids' Rooms Asks $1.6M

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Our semi-regular feature, Monday Mansion, examines the most interesting mega homes on the market in the far reaches of New York. Have a listing in mind that we're missing? Tell us about it. To the outer boroughs we go!

This house in Brooklyn's Dyker Heights, the land of the most extravagant Christmas lights displays in New York City, features a master bath with a steam shower and whirlpool tub, windowed finished basement, "whole house sound system," and some front yard shrubbery with an irrigation system. Probably the most fun aspect, however, is the kids' suite on the top floor, each room colorfully painted, with Scooby Doo guarding one room and Peter Pan guarding the other. The house is asking $1.6 million.

· Listing: 8412 Tenth Avenue [Streeteasy]
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