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State Acts Against Landlord Accused of Harassing Tenants

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The city and state are making good on their word to crack down on landlords who harass rent-stabilized tenants. East Village landlord Raphael Toledano's companies have been subpoenaed after claims that his agents have attempted to harass tenants into giving up their stabilized pads, the Daily News reports. The state is looking into claims that Toledano's agents have threatened tenants with eviction, shut off gas and other services, and threatened building tenants at 444 East 13 Street, many of whom NYDN claims are immigrants, with immigration raids.
Toledano purchased the building at 444 East 13th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A for $6.1 million in January. The Daily News says that most tenants pay between $800 and $1,400/month for a small one- or two-bedroom apartment. Tenants in the building claim that Toledano began offering them buyouts at $15,000, before escalating to $50,000 when no one took the bait. Being that it's in the East Village, apartments in the building could probably go for north of $3,000. A $2,916/month renovated one-bedroom in the building is listed on StreetEasy.
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