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Vacant LES Building On Its Way to Becoming a Fake Lowline

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The Lowline, the proposed subterranean park that would transform an old trolley terminal on the Lower East Side, became "the most funded Public Art project on Kickstarter to date" when 2,564 people donated a total of $223,506 this summer. That money is now being put to use, Bowery Boogie reports, as the Lowline team has filed permits for a "Lowline Lab" in the vacant Essex Market building between Rivington and Stanton streets. The Lab will be a more involved version of the exhibit they put on in the same space in 2012, where the team will be able to "test [their] research on the species of plants our team has determined will thrive best in the lighting conditions of the Lowline [and] measure human happiness factors associated with our park, across different seasons."

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