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World Trade Center Slurry Wall Might Be Leaking

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A little leak may be a big problem for the World Trade Center site. DNAinfo has learned that the site's slurry wall, which is responsible for keeping the Hudson River separate from the cavernous underground infrastructure of the site, may be the source of a leak that workers have been investigating. Sources told DNAinfo that workers began to hear the sound of rushing (not dripping) water behind the walls of the lower concourse in areas not accessible by the public sometime within the last two weeks. Crews investigating the issue have begun dismantling parts of walls in search of the leak's origin. Although no one really knows if it's the 3,200-foot-long slurry wall that's leaking, some people fear that it wasn't properly insulated despite the millions of dollars the Port Authority poured into repairing the wall since September 11.

The Port Authority maintains that there's no issue at the site. The wall is roughly 100 feet long and four feet wide, and has been in place since the 1960s. According to DNAinfo, a section of the wall shifted ten inches on September 11, but didn't breach.
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