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Gilded UES Penthouse Once Owned by Joan Rivers Will Be Gutted

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As previously reported, the late Joan Rivers' opulent Upper East Side penthouse recently sold for its full $28 million asking price, though few details were revealed about the new owners at the time. But today, the Post reports that the buyer is 65-year-old Prince Muhammad bin Fahd of Saudi Arabia. And he's already planning big changes for the Versailles-inspired pad, which Rivers once described as "Louis XIV meets Fred and Ginger."

According to the Post's sources, bin Fahd brought in an architect and a designer soon after the deal closed to begin the process of making renovations to the palatial, 5,100-square-foot penthouse. But the building's other residents, who are said to be "on edge" about the planned changes, may not be his biggest problem: Rivers' apartment is allegedly haunted by a ghost named Mrs. Spencer, who was a former tenant of the space. The late comedian even appeared on an episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories in 2009, relaying her experiences with Mrs. Spencer, including the time she brought in a voodoo priestess to get the ghost to leave.

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