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Big Reveal: $599K for a 400-Square-Foot Midtown West Studio

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This week's Pricespotter is an apartment that anyone wants to hold on to. It sold in 2003 for $207,100, in 2005 for $423,000, in 2012 for $435,000, and now it's on the market yet again, this time for $599,000. Nearly every price guess for the 400-square-foot studio was less than that, with the average guess coming in at $470,000. Several people pointed out that the bathroom is not new, as we assumed (sorry, compared to a crappy rental bathroom, that looks great), and everyone agreed that the kitchen needs to be gutted. It's located at the Worldwide Plaza on West 50th Street, a full-service between 8th and 9th avenues, so it's a convenient location for Midtown workers looking for a pied-a-terre, but all signs point to a visit from the PriceChopper.

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