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Upper East Side Tower Reveals Its Artsy Side, Preps for Sales

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Now that the 521-foot-tower at 180 East 88th Street has gotten the green light, construction is underway—and so are the building's branding efforts. The 48 condos in DDG's Upper East Side project haven't gone on the market yet, but that hasn't stopped the company from launching a website that holds clues to what residents may see once the building is complete.

The website itself is pretty bare-bones—literally all you can do is request details on the project—but it reveals some details about the building's art. The cream-colored background, evoking a piece of plaster, is actually a hint at the building's lobby, which will feature a custom piece by German artist Jan Hooss. And the dreamy painting of Central Park that first appears there is part of a larger mural by Sean Murtha, known for his pieces depicting birds, animals, and other natural environments. Murtha is also creating a custom diorama for the sales gallery.

This isn't the first time the design-focused DDG has collaborated with artists on its buildings: 345Meatpacking, its avant-garde condo on West 14th Street, featured an Andy Warhol exhibition and was, at one point, sheathed in custom polka-dotted scaffolding designed by Yayoi Kusuma.

Sales are expected to launch this fall; no projected completion date has been made available yet, but we'll update with that information once we have it.

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