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Floorplans, Pricing Revealed for Jean Nouvel's MoMA Tower

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It's about time that official floorplans for Jean Nouvel's 53rd Street supertall show themselves; after all, the project's only been in the works for a decade and the unofficial floorplans that showed up last September could only stave those with their eyes on the project for so long. The Post has uncovered three floorplans, along with new pricing details, for the 139-apartment tower rising at 53 West 53rd Street. The priciest of the bunch is a 4,362-square-foot duplex on the 72nd floor that will ask $39.2 million. The two other floorplans belong to apartment 55A, a 3,846-square-foot three-bedroom that will ask $21.7 million and 55B, a 3,317-square-foot three-bedroom that will ask $14.42 million.

New available pricing information confirms that initial asks in the 1,050-foot-tall tower will start around $3 million. A collection of one-bedroom, one-and-a-half bathroom residences between floors 20 and 27 will ask between $2.97 million and $5.53 million. A selection of apartments with two bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms will start between $6.76 million and $10.95 million, and a handful of three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom apartments on floors 28 through 72 will ask between $7.69 million and $39.2 million. The only pricing confirmed for a four-bedroom—a 6,786-square-foot apartment on the 63rd floor—will ask a whopping $50.9 million. On top of that, monthly common charges and real estate taxes for the 63rd floor apartment come in at $14,660 and $19,389.

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