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First Look Inside Williamsburg's Zany William Vale Hotel

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The realities of building in New York may have undermined The William Vale's plan to open in Williamsburg around New Years, but work is still moving at a rapid clip at the site on Wythe Avenue between North 12th and 13th streets. Bedford + Bowery stopped by the other day to find that the zany, cross-braced hotel is getting glassed in and has reached 18 of 22 stories. Considering that the hotel was just a base in the beginning of June, the new projected opening of March 2016 seems more than doable if construction keeps chugging away. B+B also got its hands on first renderings for the interior of the hotel, which show a guest room (↑) and the its restaurant (↓).

B+B learned that the restaurant will have a dining room with "several different ambiances." One section will have grab-and-go food, another will have a regular ol' restaurant, and another will have a private dining area. The hotel will also have a rooftop restaurant.

The base of the hotel will be surrounded in part by a gently sloping hill where hotel guests and non-hotel guests alike can lounge and take advantage of food kiosks brought in by the site's developers, Yoel Goldman and Zelig Weiss.
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The William Vale Hotel

111 N 12th, Brooklyn, NY 11249