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Would You Pay $35,000/Month For This West Village 3BR?

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Despite longstanding neighbor opposition to the behemoth of a building at 150 Charles Street in the West Village, the 91-condo development has done pretty well for itself. Of the 47 listings available on StreetEasy, 41 of them are in contract. And now, one of the owners in the building is listing a three-bedroom apartment for an audacious $35,000/month making it the first rental to pop up in the COOKFOX-designed building. The 3,292-square-foot apartment does come with a private garage, but it also has a bit of a wonky layout with a windowless den and quartered-off living area.

Data-crunching brokerage firm TripleMint attributed the building's success to a lack of similar large condo projects in the area, but that was in 2013 and this is now, and there's a new king in the Village that goes by the name of The Greenwich Lane. So, will this place score the $35,000/month it's asking?
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150 Charles St

150 Charles Street, Manhattan, NY 10014