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Upstate NY Wants to Secede Due to 'Vast Differences' With NYC

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A "Secession Movement Rally" is being held this weekend in upstate New York by a coalition of groups including the Tri-County Tea Party, Oath Keepers, and Americans for Restoring the Constitution, who want to separate the Empire State into two states: New York, and New Amsterdam (the latter would consist of everything north of Westchester and Rockland counties). The groups' main issue is, apparently, fracking (they want to be a allowed to do it) although judging by those group names, they have a whole lot of issues. A flier explains:

Why secession? Secession is about reclaiming the economic opportunities Upstate has lost and restoring the liberties Upstate residents once enjoyed. Downstate has dominated Upstate for decades and Upstate has no future in a state controlled by New York City's needs and desires. It goes on to explain that they could either become a new state or become part of Pennsylvania.

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