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Weird and Wonderful Mural House Sold, Condos to Come

A nice little house in Bushwick with a lovely, unique mural on its facade has sold, and it looks like it's about to be razed, to be replaced with condos. The house, located at 104 Central Avenue (and once featured on our Brooklyn Townhouse Roundup) closed last week for $1.285 million. Now, Williamsburg-based developer Domes Properties has filed plans to build a four-story building with eight apartments, Brownstoner reports.

The house's former owner, Jeremy Sapienza, has—along with his partner, Luis Velazquez—are also planning to close their two restaurants that they own in the neighborhood.

"We're closing because I haven't made a dime in two years, Bushwick is a nightmare on earth full of obnoxious yuppie brats, and I'm tired. Maybe that's not a nice angle, haha," Sapienza told Brownstoner. Jeez.
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