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Seaport Rental Comes With Gigantic Piece of Old Machinery

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The charms of living in converted factory space are often limited to the architectural: barrel-vaulted ceilings or concrete floors. Rarely do apartments come along that actually still contain machinery from the building's factory days. But this South Street Seaport rental is still home to a rather interesting piece of metal that betrays the building's former use as a flour warehouse. According to the listing, the "striking sculpture" is part of the building's elevator that was once used to lift flour barrels. Now, it serves as a room divider. It seems like a safe bet to say that anyone working in the factory at 40 Dover Street way back when would never have imagined the elevator as a sculpture, let alone a slice of the industrial space as a $7,500/month apartment, but that was then and this is now and New York City's a whole different animal.
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