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Brooklyn Is Getting Another Weird-Looking Apartment Building

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Sometimes it seems like developers and architects are playing a joke on the city with the designs of new buildings. When renderings for mismatched glassy messes or transformer-like stacks of boxes turn up, it's hard to believe these images actually depict buildings that will rise. But oh, they do. And more often than not, these buildings are in Brooklyn, like this gem planned for 369 Berry Street near South 6th Street. Brownstoner spotted the rendering on the construction fence, and it shows a building that defines the word "hodgepodge." Grey brick, red brick, glass balconies, off-white tiles, some kind of speckled pattern, a little bit of greenery, some unnecessary angles—this building has it all going on. Architect Charles Mallea and developer M&B Monroe Inc. are to thank.

Inside, 10 apartments will be spread across 8,481 square feet, and there will be commercial space and a community facility on the ground floor. Most of the units will have private outdoor space, and there will be two duplex penthouses, both of which will likely have great views of the Williamsburg Bridge ramp.
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