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This Window Cleaner Really Enjoys His Terrifying Job

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Window washing probably isn't something you ever really thought of as potentially beautiful, but Chris Taylor, "the Spider-Man of window cleaners," according to Tribeca Trib, turns it into a sort of dance in this mesmerizing video where he goes to work on the Greenwich Hotel. Taylor has been washing windows professionally for 20 years, and explains that he loves his job because he gets to "hang around New York City," and that he's not really worried about falling, because he has an independent safety line and the ropes are tested for up to 10,000 pounds. (Tell that to these guys, though.)

Window cleaning is one those things that isn't really scary, except when it it. But Chris Taylor doesn't seem like the type to get caught in one of those situations. Even his equipment is probably like, Oh wow, mid-air flips? That's pretty cool.
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